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April 2015 Newsletter

We wrapped up our regular meeting season with the NWSCT’s Annual Education Symposium on Tuesday, April 14th, hosted by Valspar. Students Casey Orgon and Alison Rohly of NDSU presented to our group. Mr. Orgon presented on Polyester based Powder Topcoats while Ms. Rohly presented on Vanillin as a raw material base for epoxy curing agents. Valspar also hosted a tour of their new labs.

During this meeting we presented a scholarship check to Dr. Stuart Croll of NDSU. Their program has consistently been one of the top Polymers programs supporting the Paint & Coatings Industry. The scholarship funds their trip to the Twin Cities as well as supports students studying in the polymers field. Last year our scholarship helped support two undergraduate students, Sam Benson and Kyle Kingsley. Mr. Kingsley is now a graduate student at NDSU working on a Ph.D. For the current year the two recipients are Jusung Lee and Brett Kelly.

So that brings a close to the 7 Monthly Meetings that the NWSCT held in the current season. We sincerely thank those companies that have hosted and supported our meetings, the many speakers who presented to us and the individuals attending. Our next monthly meeting will be held in October of this year.