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Northwestern Society for Coatings Technology

NWSCT Individual Scholarship Program

NWSCT Undergraduate Scholarship Program






NWSCT Individual Scholarship Deadline for Registration Extended to June 1st, 2020

The Northwestern Society for Coatings Technology has created this scholarship fund in which 100% of the donations will be awarded to students. This was created as a way to give back to its members and their families while furthering the pursuit of higher level education.

This website outlines information regarding the society's goals, objectives, and sponsors.

Objective: To promote and support education in the sciences.

Scholarship Amount: $1,000 per year.

Number of Awards will depend on available funds.

Eligibility: Active member of the NWSCT in good standing OR the son, daughter OR grandchild of an active member of the NWSCT in good standing. (Active NWSCT Member in good standing is defined as attending at least one regularly scheduled meeting per year).

Education is at the cornerstone of the NWSCT's goals. We feel this will be a valuable addition to our organization. Additional fund raisers, including raffles and/or silent auctions, have been created to generate income for this program. We will be accepting applications during our business year from September through April.

Click the link below for the Application Form which contains further information for interested applicants.

Application Form